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David August offers a wide variety of collections made from the finest fabrics and trimmings. This spring/summer you will experience a vibe of light weight, comfortable clothing in an array of colors. From unique dinner jackets for a formal twist to sport coats and suitings made from performace fabrics.

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Custom hand tailored garments made from the finest fabrics sourced from around the world.

A noticeably lighter garment with extensive hand stiching, surgeon sleeves, horn buttons and "over the top" attention to detail.

David August offers a wide variety of specialty accoutrements including unique cuff links, beautiful silk ties and pocket squares and classic belts.

David August offers the finest footwear designed and constructed from Italian leather.

The CULT925® collection is exclusively developed and produced in the atelier of Di Lenardo & Co. Zürich, Switzerland. Designed and created by Jean-Pierre Louis Di Lenardo, his concepts are first drafted and then precisely molded in wax. Each unique piece follows meticulous techniques that are carefully reworked to perfection. CULT925 jewelry is entirely handcrafted using only the finest 925/000 sterling silver and can be customized to suit each distinct individual.

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